Byron Bits: short talks on Don Juan

This will be a small col­lec­tion of record­ed talks on Lord Byron and his great­est — but unfin­ished — poem, Don Juan. There are two talks list­ed below and there are sev­er­al oth­ers to fol­low. But they will not form a series in any use­ful way. My plan for these talks is rather like Byron’s for Don Juan, I’ll wan­der around the sub­ject, touch­ing on things that inter­est me in what­ev­er order they occur to me. 

The con­tent of the talks will be intro­duc­to­ry. They are intend­ed for peo­ple who might be inter­est­ed know­ing more about the poem and the poet rather than for peo­ple who already know a great deal about both and would rather talk about crit­i­cism or lit­er­ary the­o­ry instead. In oth­er words, this is is for “fans”. Or maybe for peo­ple who want to know why on earth an epic poem would have any fans at all!

Also, just to be clear, this is my Don Juan, not yours. You may not like what I say in one of these talks (or the way that I say it). But if so, please try anoth­er: you may like that one more. Incon­sis­ten­cy has it’s ben­e­fits, after all.

I’ll upload the talks here as I com­plete them: please check back every few days or fol­low me on Twit­ter at @madbaddangerous where I’ll let you know of a new recording.

Each talk is about 5–10 min­utes. Please press “play” and allow a moment for the talk to start. You can down­load the MP3 file if you wish using the ‘down-arrow’ beside the play­er. I also pro­vide a PDF file of the text of the talk.

Byron bits No 1: Where to start?

Byron Bits #1: Where to Start?

Byron bits No 2: The night before

Byron bits No 3: What happened to the ending?

Byron bits No 4: Diverting himself

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