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Byron Bits: short recorded talks on Lord Byron and his great, unfinished poem, Don Juan. Only 5-10 mins and…BF


One way science grows stronger: “Ten takeaways from ten years at Retraction Watch” It’s reassuring there’s no…bP

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j_g_allen If you’re not outraged we don’t have these rapid tests yet, you’re not paying attention.

at home…GF

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SincDavidson Victorian government declares a state of disaster allowing the executive to overrule any Act of Parliament and…OZ

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KennedyCSIS “The public evidence that TikTok is a fundamental, and unique, threat to US security is simply not there.”…

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Adam_Creighton Shameful what’s occurring in Victoria.
Effective dictatorship declared.
Devastating, destructive power of the…MK

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evmulholland If you think it was crook that Morrison cancelled Parliament you should also believe that it is outrageous that…37

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What is it in law that gives D Andrews the right to trample on our rights of assembly, association and movement…CE

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pwafork Everything else aside it’s pretty nuts that Victoria can suspend its parliament leaving Dan Andrews to decide…Ki

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Then there’s electric vehicles. Lucid (said to be Tesla’s strongest competitor) has designed a car with a camera…mO

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What about national security issues posed by CHN’s OTHER sneaky cultural intrusions into the West? Lip-sync is…F3

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@gwern @s_r_constantin @MelMitchell1 did not find GPT-3 “solves Copycat”, afaik. She reported on Twitter some succe…

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HenryErgas Ridd decision abandons point of unis…

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hughriminton Strange but true - Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says his Chinese counterpart *still* won’t take his call, more…zi

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“Q: How many bonks are in a quoit?
A: There are three bonks in a quoit.”
Just so!…

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Terrestrial affairs becoming wearisome? “Pluto’s dark side spills its secrets — including hints of a hidden ocean”…n

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Mouth organ (brilliant, if you’re interested in that sort of thing)

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rishgupta1986 As such, no existing prognostic model can be recommended for clinical implementation. Oxygen saturation on room…bM

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Then, what’s the point of small ambitions? “You know, you need resources in order to make life multiplanetary.…Dy

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@AlexandreGeneve Good point! The ‘average’ is the est. average SST for N Hemisphere in the centuries after the…W0

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glukianoff In all the culture war stuff people so often seem to miss that often the threats to come from Univ’s…xi

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“This record comparison consistently shows the Roman as the warmest period of the last 2 kyr, about 2 °C warmer…VQ

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“One of the fundamental challenges of our generation is to get the science right so we can settle on the right…EX

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