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Containers made globalisation possible, right? Maybe. Or maybe it was pallets — a humble shipping utility…mFa

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Remember this? Fantastic packaging for the “Prince of Persia” video game from Hock Wah Yeo. Why (oh why!?) do we…MZ

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Something there is that doesn’t love a wall (but it’s not me)…

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@bopinion @tylercowen There’s a bloody good reason it’s “underrated” in politics…

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tylercowen Whenever it does happen, yes it is going to seem “unthinkable”:…

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Climate change is deterministic, chaotic, not earth-bound & not “explained” by CO2. The end of each of the five…vV

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ATabarrok China takes a page from @krogoff’s playbook. Digital cash for monitoring, kill black market, and pay negative…MC

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greg_ip How China’s digital yuan threatens American economic and geostrategic hegemony, by @jamestareddy. That rare piece…4w

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“533 million Facebook users’ phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online” incl > 7m AU users.…

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Leading Causes of Death USA 2020. COVID #3 at about 10% of…

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Stern vs Clegg on user control of the FB “algorithm”: “If I had a chocolate bar for every time I heard a promise…gR

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Governments have had at least a year to prepare, yet: “The first vaccine rollout co-design meeting where state…Oo

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“Instead of a patronising ‘Prime Minister for Women’, how about a Prime Minister for a faster, less chaotic…xN

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D_A_Irwin Here’s per capita GDP . . turning point around 2005

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USA-CHN: “The last time the United States single-mindedly pursued a poorly thought-out slogan masquerading as a…5K

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That Nick Clegg (LibDem), now a FB VP, writes a detailed defence of the FB algorithm & its impact on…jM

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Sen Warren’s attacks on Amazon may plumb new depths in witless demagoguery. But slander of large tech & private…j5

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Silver linings everywhere. “…[T]he pandemic has accelerated the adoption of genomics into society… in the…Xz

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The NYT says “It wasn’t until the late 2000s” to indicate a date closer to 2010 than 2000 (not a date closer to…bF

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Bill Brock was both charming and effective as USTR, during really heated negotiations. Few have managed so well.…xt

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greg_ip Make Presidents Boring Again

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samirvarma The Coronavirus Variants Don’t Seem to Be Highly Variable So Far - Scientific American

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RT @fermatslibrary: Universe


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CatoTrade China is implementing “creative” anti-dumping methodologies learned from the United States for the benefit of its…74

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Kenneth72712993 New study:

Since 1960, Australia has not experienced any continent-wide changes in rainfall patterns. Summers…G9

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