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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / August 2012

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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August 2012

@kylecassidy Great! Thanks for buying; pls rate if you like the full book. Was a fan of Ulysses Seen website, will check iPad version, tks.

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@studiowalrus “And you can also use a Bluetooth keyboard.” En effet!

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@atelier7_ana @studiowalrus Daedalus is pretty and works well with nice keypad touches. But writing on the iPad? Lent et pénible…

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@kylecassidy @trillianstars You might like to know Don Juan Canto One now live Pls DM me if you’d like to review

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My first e-book now on the iBooks store :: an illustrated, narrated Canto One of Byron’s comic epic, Don Juan.

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Why aren’t more poetry Epubs “read aloud”? Don Juan (Canto One) seems to be first

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Free sample, Don Juan (Canto One) an audio e-book:: 20 full pg illustrations, 2 hrs of audio.

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Don Juan, Canto One now on iBooks store: 2 hrs of synched audio, text, 20+ full pg illustrations

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@kylecassidy @trillianstars Depends on sales :-) Illustrated audio-books are hard to make. Recording Canto II soon. See

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@kylecassidy @trillianstars Delighted you like the Don Juan project. Canto One in the iBooks store next month, Peter @MadBadDangerous

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@mattdrobertson Sorry for the crossed wires, Matt. Two different threads. I guess the ZIp engine is the problem. Will try an unzipped folder

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@mattdrobertson Not sure what you mean about zip. I was setting up a Gmail account & importing messages from Gmail IMAP. PB=PostBox :-)

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@mattdrobertson Importing from Gmail. Hours to import/index. PB quicker. PB handled images better IMO (including optional load) Best, Peter

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In the Bazaar, “quality happens only if somebody has the responsibility for it” HT:@uxproductivity

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@mailmateapp Yep, rubbish. I chose PostBox, too. Found the MM interface cluttered (altho liked functionality+) and import processing slow.

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@mattdrobertson Media-overlays a key addition to Epub 3.0. Unfortunately Readium 0.5 still unusably slow loading media files in Chrome.

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uxproductivity A Generation Lost in the Bazaar…

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@chrisberg “Putting Curiosity on Mars cost little more than Victoria’s myki ticketing system”

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I like 5/6 of this list too. Stupid to call energy consumption a ‘bad’. Better 2 have a uniform federal consumption tax

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Invite-only expert seminar @ Melb Uni on Trans Pacific Partnership. Texts are ‘secret’ so papers mostly Kremlinology. The juju mostly bad.

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Ack!, formerly TextDrive where I bought ‘lifetime’ hosting in 2004, will end my “life” in October. Focuses the mind.

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@atelier7_ana free AZARDI doesn’t do FL
well: no 2-page spreads, ignores CSS bg., no viewport scaling etc Don Juan illustrated audio iBook

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@radiqxpress @tinahender commercial ePub font licensing terms are prohibitive. One of the biggest drags on quality FL production.

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@TonyBarry @jameswpaterson @SincDavidson +1 Import taxes (barriers) like un-costed quarantine bans (bananas) first!

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Memories of Hypercard @ 25: exploring brilliant stacks from Voyager: “Stravinsky: RIte of Spring” & “Brahms: Deutsches Requiem” Gone alas!

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Image + audio + text extracts from Byon’s Don Juan, Canto In the iBook store next month

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@indiamos True:-). I load all the IOS fonts on to my development machine as a matter of course.

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@indiamos I guess you know that Font Book (OSX) shows the full names (font-family, Postscript)? Info icon in toolbar?

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If Cameron had brain instead of bluster he could serve on the PC for a while. Learn how lame his slurs and slogans

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FREE sample of fun, risky “Don Juan” illustrated audio- for your or at (update)

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