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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / September 2012

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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September 2012

Vintage Ergas column: serial idiocy vs evidence, good institutions and Cervantes. A nice tribute, too, to Gary

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A great civil servant steps down; humane, hard working, unafraid. Made a difference. Who could fill Gary Banks’ shoes?

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iPhone 5 16GB costs > $US 200 MORE in Aus than in USA for identical product shipped from China. Suck-you, Apple!

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@timoreilly re whisper sync: why didn’t Amazon implement EPub 3.0 standard for media-overlay? They chose to leverage Audible assets instead!

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Is Amazon Whispersync for Voice EPub 3.0 M-O compliant? I’m

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Recording Don Juan Canto 2 at MadCat studios today: shipwreck, cannibalism, a lonely Greek isle, lyrical lovemaking with a pirate’s daughter

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In the studio today to record Don Juan Canto 2: shipwreck, cannibalism, a Greek isle, lyrical lovemaking with a pirate’s daughter

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Childe Harold, Byron’s slightly campy gothic travelogue, once censored for homoeroticism, now restored

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Elizabeth I (‘Gloriana’) the first media-personality? “Byron”, the second, had less control of his image

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Byron a Vampire’s victim? Tim Powers’ novel weaves a mythic history of revolution, horror & poetry in Italy

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Byron and Shelley as vampires? A review of Tim Powers’ clever mythic history of the romantic poets (& Villon!) in Italy

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Spend a few hours fixing, cleaning my Gmail contacts (D/L as a spreadsheet) using the amazing Google Refine

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