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October 2016

Heterogenous-firms theory suggests avg. sector productivity wd soar if we opened still-heavily protected markets;…Ee

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Why does AU have a state-owned broadcaster? Apparently so it can run expensive, self-gratifying, social…

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@CoppetainPU @rwb69 @gideonrachman Except, of course, that they do (eg ITA) and RTAs are now a principle-free zone 😉

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French interference + ideological bankers may “drive up the wholesale price of power by between 10 and 25 per cent”…

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@SenatorHume @timwilsoncomau Oh please! Higher taxes, foolish spending, confused, fractious. Please wake up! You are a center-RIGHT party!

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No. AFAIK, ACCI supports TPP tariff cuts but is unhappy about lack of econ. assessment (IP) & undemocratic…Gq

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When I worked in Brussels, a Dutch-speaking Belgian once told me his French-speaking compatriots were “hot air…RI

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Moving around from Melbourne to Moscow, StPetersburg, Prague, Berlin I have earlier starts, stricter timetables on vacation than at home.

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@HenryErgas on the classic virtues of great political leaders. Surely @realDonaldTrump has none? Well…maybe…On

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@snlester points to an important court case on EU trade…

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snlester @pwgallagher What better way to reach the masses than an op-ed in the WSJ? ;)

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SamKSS Seeing politicians lecturing bank executives on culture and ethics is actually hilarious.

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Precisely. D.Uren on the shortcomings of AU…

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peraltenberg Ok, the Nobel Prize for economic sciences. How about Marc Melitz for heterogeneous firm trade theory? Summary here:…

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Worthy sentiments, OK. But who’s the audience for this blah, blah, blah on trade agreements fm IMF, WTO, WB?…

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