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November 10th, 2016

ABC (AU) radio asked me should AU “free traders” learn from Trump victory. Mmm… Too late! We have near zero avg duties now eg CHN FTA.

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@SimonEvenett Yes. I agree that is the key point (not well expressed). If “elites’” reputation is deserved, they had better get on to it.

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RT @SincDavidson: What if Elite Experts are Wrong About What They Supposedly are Experts About?

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“Trump~Brexit” analogy is not very convincing. Except each is a popular (USA: strong) rejection of the entire political establishment.

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@tylercowen projects Trump policies from his business behaviour ( but @gregmankiwblog shows why this is likely wrong

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tylercowen Maybe Trump University will succeed in teaching a few Keynesians that an increase in gdp is not the same as a boost in social utility.

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Of course it’s worrying that governments are screwing up valuable economic integration… But it’s not just Trump::

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RT @veroderugy: Donald Trump Won but What’s Next?

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StockCats the sad thing is that the media is going to to ask the same people that got everything completely wrong what they think happens now

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America is “on a precipice” wail NYT editors. The actions of the candidates and President so far demonstrate that is, of course, just crap.

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