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November 2017

J B Shaw’s “The Perfect Wagnerite” is as clever, sardonic & lucid as you might expect. But it’s Wagnerian…CJ

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When users demand that a machine learning model be “interpretable” what are they asking for?::…

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As so often, @tylercowen frames policies as unexamined choices: “The Trump administration seems to think that…jk

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Ross is right that multi/plurilateral negotiations take too long. Still, his idea (“We think that having some…WG

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@ahmedskali @SincDavidson Thank you Ahmed. I enjoyed your paper. Best wishes.

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@ahmedskali @SincDavidson Hmm…. Did you consider the Achean (Mycenean) Greeks? Homer evidences (at least 10…fy

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Speculation about a clever/strategic China-trade policy in the Trump Whitehouse. My supicion is that the real…fA

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“An indispensable hypothesis, even though still far from being a guarantee of success, is however the pursuit of…Y7

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@CatoTrade @snlester Agreed. The deal allows progressive implementation. But “signalling” names are vain,…i6

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Jobs and real imports (USA) 1980-2016. An r^2 of 0.96! Suggests they both track some *other* variable?…L1

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Pres Trump praised the growth of Asia based on enterprise & competitive trade. He has pausible complaints of…ei

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@kw_watson … and supply controls? Reports here say there is a deal that CA will sign but with parts “suspended”…oS

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“Nudging is simply the latest theory to provide some intellectual credibility to second guessing private decisions……ey

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SincDavidson GST on low-value imports given all clear…

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_rebase more taxes, may as well vote Labor…

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Looks like Members will reject an improved standard for Minimum Residue Levels — a pestilentialS barrier — the Ministerial in B.A.

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Seems Members planning to dilute obligations in text on fisheries subsidies so something — maybe not much — can be agreed next month

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snlester US simple average MFN applied rate 3.5%, Australia 2.5%, Canada 4.2%, EU 5.1%, Japan 4.0%, NZ…JL

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@SincDavidson @alan_john_moran A more positive discipline for politicians would be to end compulsory (& preferential) voting.

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Good grief! A meandering jeremiad, IMO ’s heritage is @DeirdreMcClosk’s “bourgeois virtues” freed…GL

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Rajeevbalasu How have I never seen this before? T.S. Eliot’s rejection letter to George Orwell — of Animal

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