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December 2017

Net migration to AU in the year to July 2017 was ~250k, up 27 percent. MIgration = 2/3 of total population growth…Z1

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Some seed! After 70 years what we have is now old root-stock. Hack it back. Graft some new ideas.…

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@SimonEvenett @KBotwright @sdonnan Even further back. GATT began as a plurilateral when the first multilateral solution failed.

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bbaschuk Interesting development at - @USTradeRep rejects @wto work plan for agricultural negotiations. Says the WTO…AJ

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SimonEvenett Bar fly consensus on at the KLM lounge at EZE:
1. Azevedo’s luck has finally run out.
2. Late Jan 2018…x1

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“These trends are similar in New Zealand, [UK] and the United States [acc. to AU Bureau of Stats]. More babies…pZ

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How did ROK (1970s) industrial policies mange to boost productivity? (via @MargRev)…

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Why did USTR offer only some broad, well-worn complaints & no program for change (‘lets all pull together each in…rQ

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CoppetainPU @AnaSwanson Strange from Lighthizer considering the US is biggest user:

“Too often members seem to believe they…P1

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A club of sovereigns, the proves the (non-discriminatory) saw: “Put not your trust in Princes…”::…

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I stand by the argument in my blog post ” Can Multilateralism be Revived” [2014]. In short, the weakness of…7N

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AlphaZero is extraordinary for showing that big-data need not be the source of ML. Seems, too, to give a leg-up…oa

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MargRev The Age of the Centaur is *Over* Skynet Goes Live

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Scott Alexander on the “cost” of the US tax bill “It’s enough to end US homelessness four times over or fund nine…NK

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@profjasonpotts @SincDavidson @CTIswinburne Damn! Wish I’d known about this. Hope there’ll be video/transcript/slides.

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20+ years later, ’s awkward caps on farm production subsidies have become an “entitlements” monster. AU…cB

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I agree with @snlester’s criticisms of this idea for “fixing” the trading system. Still, ideas are needed.…qh

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D_A_Irwin After comparative advantage & Stolper-Samuelson, the Lerner symmetry theorem is one of the key propositions of…Cz

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@TradeNewsCentre @snlester Those shampoos containing endangered vegetables might be a problem

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A metaphor for merchandise trade trends? Thanks to technological change, US petroleum imports have plummeted…TX

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