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January 2018

Anti-dumping is protectionist bullying invented in the USA in 1921 as an anti-trust weapon aimed only at…2V

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The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything — still, not simpler than necessary…E). Also, the…2XD

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“The Tower needs to be grounded in ethics—and so, too, does the Square. Admittedly, that is obvious. But today,…V1C

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sdonnan The one new thing I heard on trade in Trump’s speech was his openness to negotiating with members “as a group”…IA

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Break out some more dilithium crystals!…

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TradeNewsCentre CHART: G20 economies ranked by level of tariff protectionism |

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jkalbrechtsen Lovely piece by Tom Switzer, new CEO of the CIS, on Paddy McGuinness who died 10 years ago on Australia Day. When…44

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SimonEvenett Am sharing findings today at @Trade_EU on how foreign trade distortions hold back Extra-EU exports, which have…gE

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Never met Patsy. But I have met and/or watched Bill, Clayton, Carla, Micky, Charlene, Robert and Susan. None of…rH

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It’s fine to be lukewarm on agreements like , but I’m sorry to see @Adam_Creighton lukewarming on trade. Jobs “…za

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The hysteria over Huawei smartphones (from AU agencies, too)…

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CDN is among the 11 who agreed some-TPP-text-or-other in Tokyo last night. Good — probably. But who knows how to…lVd

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An annotated text of a few Cantos of Byron’s Don Juan. Bits both nice and naughty defiantly displayed!…rx

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BaldingsWorld 1. Trump is wrong to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels
2. It is the wrong fight politically…36

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True. Minor difficulty is that they’re expedient for too few. @elonmusk has apparently received a big dollop of…jp

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Great to see all these tweets on Byron’s birthday. Naturally, they dwell on his bodice-ripper” reputation. But…b7

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There is a way that safeguards might work even while “injury” metrics continue to deteriorate: if capital & labor…6R

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Safeguards provide the wrong incentives for trade “adjustment”, so of course they don’t work. Here’s a nice…xJ

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An exotic tale of trade, money supply and financial recession from the days when silver, not gold, was the numé…Wt

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WorldTradeLaw What does the US want from China?

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ATabarrok There is no growth in paradise.

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@dikenson @sdonnan Dan, your assessment (knowledge?) of where this is headed is no doubt right. ‘Rogue’? Don’t…gP

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This is not a case of “motes and beams”. There are authoritative tests of WTO compliance by the USA and CHN (…WT

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“Given these facts, it seems clear that the United States erred in supporting China’s entry into the WTO…” I,…99

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“We should never have let them play”! What wd. have been the impact on USA wealth/growth since 2001 of no MFN (“…vg

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insteconomics The ‘next trading system’…

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For all the criticism of the WorldBank’s Doing Business Index, individual component rankings are valuable. Why e.g……aY

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kjhealy RIP @textism. How very sad. TextPattern was a beautiful thing.…

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snlester If this is used to block Chinese investment in the US (more than we already do), it’s going to be very damaging…cR

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@EJBrand A sad mismatch: foolishness on both sides (Ldy Melbourne, her aunt, his confidante, warned both). She…lh

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On model training data, see also: “Is Your Data Really Oil?” (from @joshgans + 2)::…

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Personalised “AI-based” treatment such as this powerful model for predicting individual glycemic responses to…kk

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Starting to hear that great sucking sound? Apple has liquid foreign assets said to be worth about 20% of AU GDP::…

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davidcollinslaw Really good summary pointing out several issues that are often neglected by commentators……

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“I think Trump is a transition”. Praise for Trump’s foreign policy (there isn’t a ‘doctrine’: it’s just prudence)…7q

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Ricardo’s great idea is the science of optimism: it shows there is always potential, even in sh*tholes.…

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@MartinRavallion’s 2012 critique of “mashup indices” of development: among them the Doing Business Index.…Hg

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Graham Robb’s book “The Discovery Of France” describes the deep fragmentation of provincial France up to the…mM

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PrudentiaMag Today at McCloskey is presenting two conference papers:
On the future of economic…Dj

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Dopes in banks: “It was a big miss,” said National Australia Bank economist James Glenn, “… trade will struggle…d4

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AU government allocated $2bn in 2007 to a “Carbon Capture & Storage” program. But Audit Office reports “None of…Xh

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Recall Paul Erdös’ response to Einstein: “God maynot play dice with the universe, but something is certainly…GU

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insteconomics There’s no excuse for maintaining tariffs on new cars.…

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Recommended. Have used @kjhealy’s Pandoc/LaTex/R-based plain-text suite for a few years (w/ @bbedit not EMACS).…Mn

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“Platitude: an idea that, (a) is admitted to be true by everyone and (b), is not true.” (Mencken). Discuss.…

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Competition policy is a pillar of the EU single market; something the should emulate.…

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@koenberden @koenberden I believe what I said is entirely true :-) Your objection is that it is irrelevant. You…YH

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Guess it’s curtains, then, for the Swiss banana industry. Still, Swiss tariffs (they’re ALL specific rates) on e.g……5d

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