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July 2018

Byron at 35, in Genoa, months before sailing to Greece and his death. A pen & ink sketch by the Comte D’Orsay,…1r

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Oops…. Byron’s gammy leg was his right (as you knew!), not his left. Apologies (I believe even his Mum,…TD

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@CoppetainPU @BobWolfeSPS Yes there are multiple problems with a comprehensive plurilateral, including maybe a…YN

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July 25 marks 10 years since the Green Room blow-up (Lamy’s compromise on agriculture) that finally killed WTO’s…o4

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@jannekebudding Interesting. Hester Thrale would have known the cant pretty well. Still, I believe it was also a…oV

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I confess that B’s shyness about his “deformity” makes me wonder whether he preferred, you know… “knee tremblers”…Mf

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EPatersonMorgan 1811, returns to London after almost 2 years on his Continental tour. He arrives clutching some…zC

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@byron_society @sciencemuseum Still the shape of this boot helps gives the lie to the myth of B’s (diabolical) “…Dh

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Hmm… St Petersburg’s not a bad match for the Trump brand. Imperial Gilt all over the place… Still, it…DR

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Hotel bathrooms: “… the lock is really just an interim solution to the underlying problem” —…k

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OwenPaterson “The EU has spent much of the past few weeks complaining bitterly about Trump’s shameless declaration of a trade…5F

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The tragedy of a country endowed with fabulous energy wealth but blighted by foolish government that in decades…TD

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“It’s extremely important [CHN & USA] have something going on in the background that enables them at some point…5p

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@byron_society @Wordsworthians @mary_db10 A shameful, selfish act: faithless (to Byron) and tragic for history. I…l3

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Ways & Means Chair calls for negotiations but on what? Trump wants war, not trade (he hates imports). The WH…0X

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dikenson @greg_ip @cpgrabow No. Because the purpose of trade is to benefit from specialization. We specialize so that we…r4

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President Trump says Kim will comply with the Singapore nuclear deal [whatever that was] despite “negative…BL

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@alan_john_moran Bezos, not Amazon, owns WAPO. He’s kept his head down. Whatever one thinks of WAPO editorial, it’…1V

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Surely there’s a kremlinology of “Cranky Donald” tweets? E.g. what’s with that number? Does this inidicate PDT…0j

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@chip_roh Agree! USTR S.301 findings are unconvincing & the published WH demands muddled. The tariffs seem to be…fk

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D_A_Irwin Thus, in historical perspective, $ amount of trade affected today is huge. So what’s going on is a very big deal! (…JC

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Agree with Rushford’s criticisms. Still, WTO was moribund before Trump. Nor is the DSU holy writ: treaty-bound…FH

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Proposals for a big restructuring/focussing of US agency responsibilities. A quick review shows some interesting…F9

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