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October 2018

TradeDiversion For almost a decade, Alan Deardorff (@umichECON) has been linking to trade-related newspaper stories on a…cX

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SincDavidson It turns out Keynesian stimulus is correlated with slower, not faster, economic growth, writes…NZ

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@snlester Precisely. I think @JPTrachtman is right about the WTO treaty (& something about the refuge of…Db

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How about this for a birthday greeting? “May you live many happy 22nd[s] of January in spite of your perversity…cQ

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Another reason to worry (at least in AU) is that S. Koreans drive on the Right Hand Side of the road::…

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@SimonEvenett @MacaesBruno Simon, we could debate this stuff (including the ‘signal to noise’ problem properly…BK

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@alanbeattie Bzzzt! Nope. Std mercantilism is where the UK retains specie by keeping protection for home-grown…FH

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“The secret to a good life, said Gandhi, is ‘simple living and high thinking’; the voters of Wentworth, like so…lC

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@MacaesBruno @SimonEvenett Yes, it might ‘explain’ Trump to ‘those unwilling to dig deeper’. GTA incidence data…gX

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The differences confirm that GE models are not much good at predicting the future (please note re , too).…qq

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@EmmaMAshford @insteconomics OTOH if you were looking for a benign use of “secret intelligence” this would be it.…dN

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dikenson @PaulBlustein I’m afraid, Paul, that you & I & a few thousand globalists inside the beltway in the minority here.…W6

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snlester @howserob We looked at all the complaints against China, and they did pretty well on…Lh

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sdonnan It’s confirmed. Trump and Xi will meet on sidelines of next month’s G20. But both Chinese & US expectations for…W2

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From Blackwoods’ magazine Aug. 1819, the scurrilous John Wilson indulges an ecstasy of spite, spittle and…PJ

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“Beware the Lure of Incredible Certitude”. Recommended.…

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“The dark matter theorist says it’s most likely a duck.”::…

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@chip_roh I don’t think so. I read his main point as “there’s no good reason to think things will blow up”. I…j4

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“The evidence that the proliferation of RTAs has changed the country distribution of world of trade is very weak”……r9

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The economics editor of The Guardian(!) makes the case for even on “WTO”…

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Doodling stage of an Introduction for the Annotated Cantos I & II of Don Juan. Tentative title: “The Comet and…Cy

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The fecundity of Victoria & her first-cousin meant that even the present Queen & Philip share a…cg

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A few weeks back, on the matter of Byron’s family, marriage between cousins came up. I said it seemed not unusual…m5

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EPatersonMorgan Amazing evening at the John Murray house in Albemarle Street for the launch of “Dear Mr Murray: Letters to a…kL

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Bottom-up convergence on prosperity is really good news. Driven by policy? Or by markets despite policy? “Sic…vW

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@keyboardmaestro Uh, no… you “speak only English”. AFAIK, you do lots of other things, but you don’t speak (or sing) at all!

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insteconomics My piece for @BIAUS on why rising US real interest rates are a good news story, have little to do with the Fed,…HJ

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“Mr. Li said the changes to the BMW-Brilliance partnership showed that China was fulfilling its promise to open…wU

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This is a strong signal about the reality of computing. The “P” in PC no longer means anything. Not “personal”,…ru

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Have just completed the annotations (e-book layout created in LaTeX) of Cantos I & II of Don Juan. Cochran,…ii

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B ventriloquizes John Murray (on Byron), Aug 1817. He’s done with Childe Harold & is trying something new in…Sh

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@marion_lfvr Hello Marion. I’ve been out of direct involvement with WTO for a decade. I’m no longer well-informed (…MF

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Seems productivity in AU construction is higher than I guessed (or it’s a very expensive building)…Se

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£1m for a clichéd cartoon is, of course, foolishness. But… “You could argue that the work is now more valuable,”…Xn

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WhatsOnWeibo As National Day holiday is coming to an end, no 1 trending topic on Weibo is all the photos of the luggage and…aA

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@BaldingsWorld The 3 companies flatly deny it. E.G. “We are deeply disappointed that in their dealings with us,…mL

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The President apparently understands the time value of money (an “opportunity cost” concept) — as you would…O6H

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insteconomics Interesting chart from Pew showing GDP growth positively correlated with favourable views of international trade.…6m

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@BaldingsWorld @PaulBlustein Many members spent the past 25 years with their heads up their fundaments…vI

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A good-news story. Super cute Fan Bing Bing is back! $130m poorer and in love with The Party. Hooray! Here’s the…co

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@eashimp @scottlincicome You expect LOWER priced US milk? Seems more likely to raise the price of US milk. (Take that! You “tariff-babies”!)

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OECD projections to 2060. Convergence on USA labor efficency level drives most growth in the model. Depends on…eS

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davidcollinslaw Just interviewed on @BBCWorld radio about the new NAFTA (USMCA) - it’s a win on both sides: Canada keeps Chapter…vK

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insteconomics I have an op-ed in the AFR on how a 40% decline in FDI in the US undermines one of the motivations for Donald…Au

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washingtonpost Canada agrees to join trade accord with U.S. and Mexico, sending new NAFTA deal to Congress

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Brookings finds a demographic ‘tipping point’ (h/t @ashlarblocks). ” …The middle class drive demand in the…xq

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