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December 2018

Predictions for 2019? The USA will win its WTO case (the one Martin Feldstein apparently missed) against CHN on…ea

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Predictions for 2019? I confide that Trump/Lighthizer will confect an agreement with CHN before 2020. My *…1C

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@EPatersonMorgan Sure… But Madeira is “heat aged” (i.e. cooked) whereas a good port is aged in casks! Maybe the…czGp

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@EPatersonMorgan Madeira at ten bob and port at five! It must have been a pretty crappy port!

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ProfPaulPoast Leaders do matter, but I actually think Trump shows the limits of leaders as a unit of analysis: Trump matters…eo

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dfat Entry into force of the on 30 December will boost export and investment opportunities for . Find…2D

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PaulBlustein Agree that the latest from @greg_ip is insightful (isn’t he always?), esp on China. But hasn’t profound damage…SY

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alan_john_moran A long forgotten truth…

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Botched implementation but the right decision on Syria (what were US troops doing, any way?)…

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@Kuhnwilliam Yes, it’s my site. The hosting service I am using at present is not performing well. Over Xmas I’ll…Ir

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stewartbrand Formidable graphic history of the human world. Just 20 minutes, but really longer because you’ll keep hitting…6y

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Wow! A tree-house library courtesy of Dr Seuss? Wonderful!

RT @GarettJones: UCSD’s Geisel Library:

Fantastic, I…wy

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@jannekebudding Maybe… Claire was only 18 in 1816 (the date of the Cruikshank drawing), so she would have been a……RCjl

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One more, before Christmas: “Skin in the Game”. John Murray’s recommendations to Byron deserve more respect……5S


Courts protect junk forensic science (e.g. bite-mark identification) that smears the innocent (…bq

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@snlester Sure. I assume they’ll take your second choice: ‘litigate” (i.e. a panel). But that’s still a much…jX

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KennedyCSIS Shortest shelf-life of anything I’ve ever written (or in a positive light, the quickest answer to a proposal): 1…gm

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@snlester argues an EU request for WTO examination of alleged CHN violations of undertakings & obligations on IP…zf

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PaulBlustein No doubt I’ll be slanged as a “China apologist” for having said this, but here goes: Unless and until better…9e

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Actually NO information here about ‘allied condemnation’ just a roundup of the usual (unverified) claims from US…F1

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GarethWardUK Eating mince pies with poet and author Thái Bá Tân, the first to translate Shakespeare, Byron and Burns into…No

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KSAAcomm Mad, Bad and Dangerous: The Legacy Left to Byron’s Wife and Daughter: a review of Miranda Seymour’s book…WK

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snlester Persuasive Value vs. Precedent in Appellate Body Reasoning…

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GeorgeMRiddell 11/ Even accepting that the UK has a huge workload ahead of it on trade negotiations, forging a new trade…ZU

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Wordsworthians Fascinating article on Byron’s famous ‘Albanian dress’…

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snlester US view that AB rulings should be “persuasive” but not “precedential” relies on a distinction so subtle that I can’…jX

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bbaschuk @wto China moved a step closer towards a formal WTO inquiry into whether @realDonaldTrump’s $250 billion in…GA

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A genius of 20th C science and art. Great photos e.g. with Hermann Zapf & a Metafont-designed ligature in…t6

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Ugh! “.. its power and responsibility”

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Seems that at yesterday’s Trade Policy Review of USA, CHN’s ambassador began by quoting Stan Lee’s…PR

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I agree with much of this other than the conclusion. Brussels used the talks as a means to punish/claw-back the…78

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“…[W]hen unethical research proposals became rare, ambiguous research proposals began to seem unethical.” My…nB6J

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@scottlincicome @alanbeattie Gentlemen, I believe that the world’s greatest salumeria (Simoni, Bologna) serves…o0

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“The [social cost of carbon emissions] is a measure, in dollars, of the long-term damage done by a ton of carbon…f8

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@aeonmag @skdh So: IF gravitrons really exist (ie. gravity can be described by quantum field theories) AND black…Q9

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Tech firms will reconsider hiring AU nationals following the passage of the foolish, insecure and repressive “…nP

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Guess who! “This miserable man having exhausted every species of sensual gratification, having drained the cup…qH

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srajagopalan My column today for @livemint @Mint_Opinion on the regulatory mess that is shackling the Indian farmer in poverty……df

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“Australians Should Defy Their Government’s Poorly Considered Surveillance State”. But consumer “defiance” will…um

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@tylercowen on coercion “[I]sn’t there something deeply wrong with a system where you can’t easily leave a…x6

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EricTopol Retail used to be the #1 US job source until 1 year ago.
That’s when it was overtaken by , which has…8c

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Good to revisit a European view of Byron (in this case Manfred, Sardanapalus) — the view that Goethe held, too —…rv7Y

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snlester Why isn’t USTR enforcing the existing rules on forced technology transfer found in China’s WTO accession protocol?…

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Late Byzantine Mosaics - Montreale. The third, and last, part of my short series on Byzantine mosaics from the…Tu

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@business On industrial goods? Great. But this is like an alcoholic swearing to give up chocolate! Avg. CHR rate…xk

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@chip_roh @snlester Precisely. There seems to be little contestible data available to test White House (USTR)…Wn

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byron_society We need more in schools - swashbuckling pirates, romance, derring do and travels. What more could we…Lf

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Scott Sumner @Econlib “How much IP has China stolen? What is the market value? What fraction is stuff that never…oI

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Suppose a ‘cold-war’ divides USA & CHN techne: esp. digital. What will be the consequences for ROW? Science will…79

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Yes, it’s old news… still, a valuable corrective for cat-loving historians, bibliophiles &…Et

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@KearnsDiane @byron_society Correct… Not Byron’s “Don Juan”. Still this mock-melodramatic tableau — I love the…QemWM

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Apple’s detailed criticisms of the broad, vague, intrusive, extra-territorial and unreviewable provisions of the…2X

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Foolish politicians, without public sanction, are about to turn AU into a ‘survillance state’ by legislating for…om

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insteconomics Come and hear Dr Alex Robson release his new report for @USSC “It doesn’t have to be this way Australia’s energy…em

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Macron tries to ignore the revolt of guys in day-glow jackets (‘gilets jaunes’), ostensibly over fuel tax hikes. “…Nd

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September 4, 476 C.E. is the date Ed. Gibbon gives for the “…Fall of the Roman Empire”. Here are some images of…tB

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Ugh! “Multifactor productivity for the Australian market sector rose 0.5 per cent in 2017-18, which was the…aM

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D_A_Irwin Tim Josling, a giant in agricultural trade economics, helped develop PSEs to measure ag support in OECD,…32

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Steak with ricotta and dates!? Caramel pancakes!? The menu has more weight than the communique! (@SimonEvenett).…sV

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McKinsey_MGI The introduction of steam engines during the 1800s boosted labor productivity by an estimated 0.3% a year, the…su

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@SimonEvenett @insteconomics @WTODGAZEVEDO OK; but G-20 is an IMF-based group, kicked upstairs to HOG level in…0S

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In the 50 years since the 1968 peak in cardiovascular disease mortality in AU the mortality rate for acute…Cb

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