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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / September 2020

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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September 2020

This slanging match is really unwatchable. A shame considering the wealth of difficult problems, choices,…oY

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“Where’s Brummel? Dish’d. Where’s Long Pole Wellesley? Diddled.” Byron’s ‘Gone with the Wind’ moment in Canto XI…3Y

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“The failures of the state’s quarantine is a perversion of our system of responsible government”. It is Ministers,…hO

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Yes, a lot of the pub crowd are the same people every week. So cut the exposure numbers by 50% or 75% or 99% you…rD

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Vic Premier Andrews plans to make masks mandatory sine die. How did “no masks” and “open pubs” impact COVID…id

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newbury3186 And you know what Victorians know, after this inquiry has concluded? It’s a circus. And the ringleading clown was…VE

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“We shouldn’t let the theatre deceive us… at least for the more contentious calls related to lockdown, health…tL

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My short talks on Byron’s poem Don Juan have won little interest, TBH. Still, here’s one last go round: Byron…Zq


Aside: when I worked in Washington in the early-mid 80s, I found the best (and, to be honest, least guarded)…ht

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“You’re Hired”-Casey Mulligan: John Cocharane’s review. Fascinating: sympathy for the devil fm inside CEA.…ap

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Cardinal Pell to return to Rome this week:“‘I hope the cleaning of the stables continues in both the Vatican and…Zh

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peter_tulip The short-run multiplier is a bad criterion for evaluating policy. Wasteful programs often have high multipliers……uo

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“LBRY is a new protocol that allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network”. A…

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SamKSS What a circus.
An inquiry that can’t find a decision maker.
Did anyone think to check who executed the service…Wm

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“Adding insult to grotesque injury, the most senior witnesses to the inquiry this week have been a pantomime of…W1

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TimSmithMP The people entrusted to navigate Victoria through this pandemic steered it onto the rocks of the second wave —…nJL

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1. Hooray for capitalism! 2. Can courts compel the Exec. to do what Congress won’t about the abuse of its…9c

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Considering the Andrews govt. administrative stuff-ups, there’s no need for conspiracy theories. Read the…Mv

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bach_mp I’ve been both a Ministerial Adviser and an official within the Department of Human Services.

So, when Jenny…Nx

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“It seems to me that we instead have a strong world culture of regulators, driven by a stronger world culture of…Tt

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Wow! OK GenX! At first glance the ‘stagnation’ hypothesis seems a goner (but ‘complacency’ prob. still good.…z3

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Contemporary critics of Don Juan called it “disgusting”. Does anything in the poem still merit that term? Today’…D7

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No2. national media group wants @googledownunder + FB to foo their bills or they’ll take their bat and… More BS…IZ

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Why does Byron make no reference in his great epic to the musical revolution going on in Europe at the time?…tx


On JPN: authors suggest that algorithmic “difficulties” dealing with the language may account for it’s odd clustering in this graph.

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Yes there really *is* a west/rest distinction. Cultural propinquities dendrogram mapping a huge FaceBook data…0G

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patrickdurkin Here is the letter from the retired judges and leading QCs which calls Andrews’ proposed new powers “unprecedented,…s3

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Adam_Creighton We shutdown for a virus unlikely to kill us…

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AnaSwanson So, plot twist! It appears that ByteDance retains majority stake in the new company, despite the president’s…55

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evmulholland This bill is abhorrent, it does not belong in a liberal democracy like Australia and must be voted down in the…4x

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RT @CairnsGroupWTO: 25yrs without reform of all pillars of the AoA. A stale birthday cake… (Article 20 would be sad)
@WTO Members must re…

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Annals of justice. The infamous hoverboarding dentist of Anchorage, Alaska commits unlawful dental acts. Escapes…0C

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“Tesla won the self-driving car war, they just aren’t telling us” (‘Robert X Cringely’ aka Mark Stephens)…

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RT @insteconomics: China’s AD/CVD investigation into Australian wine imports reflects what they have learned from the anti-dumping methodol…

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latrobenews The Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill is now before Parliament. Extending powers to detain people who pose a risk…uK

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SincDavidson Detention without trial.…

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Magnificent from @HenryErgas. A sophoclean framework for VIC & QLD’s brutalities & agonies. The projection of…1E

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ABCMediaComms The ABC’s independent editorial complaints investigation unit has found describing Victoria’s hotel quarantine…Wm

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SincDavidson Australia’s Violent Enforcement of Lockdowns Sparks Memories of the Eureka Rebellion | Mark Hornshaw, Zachary…YL

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One person on infection control as of 27/03! On 30/03 Vic had 821 cases and increase of 56 on the preceding day! (…FY

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To June 2020, median peak ICU occupancy 14% (data fm 90% of AU ICUs), most international travellers. Mortality…sz

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“When, D Andrews, will you finally cease abusing our patience? For how long will you mock us with that madness of…n7

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Some of Byron’s best friends and truest lovers were older women. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that Juan, too, is…6T


apatrickafr “The government was given the model it asked for.” Latest from me on…

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@snlester @inumanak @scottlincicome @YohaiBaisburd You could call for a WHO investigation except, well… you know…

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michaelobrienmp It takes courage to stand up to an overbearing Labor Govt.

Michelle Loielo is courageous.

She + her pro bono…UN

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WTO could limp along without the USA. But I suspect that Americans really wouldn’t like the consequences of…qd

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“The challenged measures are prima facie inconsistent with Articles I:1, II:1(a) and II:1(b) of the GATT 1994”…ez

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_davidlimbrick The evidence says that it’s possible for Victorians to exercise their right of peaceful assembly without…pM

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acri_uts Of Li Jianjun, one of two CN academics who recently had their AU visas revoked, UTS:ACRI Advisory Board member…Nt

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FB’s social value 2019 ~$21bn in US alone: “If the value to [US] consumers of Facebook use was included in gross…eJ

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Andrews added “… because protesting [his restrictions] is not only selfish but it’s stupid!” This sounds like…JJ

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@snlester I count on you as a moderate anarchist not to govern anyone.

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eamonnbutler So now it’s suggested that mask wearing might help you build immunity by reducing the viral load(s) you experience……L6

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Highly recommended: (…) Innumeracy in health authorities (& well-known errors in early…E8

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“COVID-19 RT-PCR test results have a consistent positive rate of ≤ 2% which also appears to be the likely false…nO

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snlester Oh, and by the way: “The prices are high because of, you guessed it, regulation! This regulation takes the form…Ds

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j_laurenceson Today’s @australian covers new @acri_uts @UTSEngage research into Chinese economic coercion directed at…iU

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@acri_uts @j_laurenceson @michael_m_zhou Not only no evidence, there’s little NEED to look for govt. ‘coercion’…VO

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pwafork So just some Victorian police kicking a man when he’s down. Wonder when the Tali-Dan left will get sick of this?

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Dr Rachel Ramoni runs what must be one of the greatest and best funded clinical trial resources in the world: the…Bo

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SydneyLWatson Australians are an unarmed population. They are not rioting. Not looting. They pose zero threat to law enforcement……Ky

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QuentinDempster ⁦Why was the raid on NSW ALP MP Moselmanne so public (media tipped off) and raids on Chinese journalists here…gk

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JDMayger It’s improper for an Australian minister to tell journalists what they should and shouldn’t be writing.…

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RT @Quartermain10: Wow!
Queen Vic Sunday market.
Melbourne in 2020.

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Excellent review article. Recommended reading.…

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“Not that the Chinese have banned us. It was the Australian government who told us to leave or, in my case, not…qe

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What? You had no reply to the ghost of your deserted and slandered wife, Harriet? You rogue!…

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@TimWilsonMP @FinancialReview This is silly talk. We are NOT engaged in ‘fight against totalitarianism’. It’s…ok

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RT @IanHanke: Being arrested for not carrying ID.

Shocking, but unsurprising.

I never carry ID.

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Adam_Creighton “The survival rate is above 99 per cent. People aged under 60 are far more likely to die in a road accident, but…59

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Will Andrews bend to the torrent of criticism (industrial leaders, ‘mums and dads’, Federal govt. Ministers, both…Oj

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“…the models do not support the extreme lockdowns imposed and have been over-relied on by the government to…VJ

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Arbitrary protection & industrial socialism (‘industry policy’, more Kodak, more Whirlpool) is a now a bipartisan…j7

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Why am I not surprised? “Trump threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the World Trade Organization during a…CL

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“No one could claim that Victoria’s woes are the consequence of acts of God; rather, their severity is the…3p

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“The incremental gains from attempting to drive the virus’s incidence to zero fall steeply while the economic and…qx

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A zinger from the latest Byron Journal: “…Byron believed that Ali [Pasha of Tepelene] was attracted to him, while…7eFk

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“… it was a lifelong source of shame to Byron, who sedulously tried to conceal it, even from his doctors when he…q0OA

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j_laurenceson Hamish McDonald’s latest reflections on Australia-China issues covered in Australian media on @johnmenadue’s…Dl

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SincDavidson As the Australian response to Google and Facebook shows, a combination of confused regulators and aggrieved,…wp

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j_laurenceson Chen Hong reflects on the experience of having his Australian visa revoked, quoting A.A.Phillips on the way through.…

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“Locking out Professor Li… appears to indicate that Canberra has chosen, hopefully only temporarily, to close…G1

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SkyNewsAust Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he cannot identify the exact individual or moment Melbourne’s strict curfew…Gm

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GrayConnolly The State of Victoria is run by the worst people who have absolutely no idea what people dying, and their loved…hJ

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IanHanke Curfew summary.

CHO Prof Sutton says he didn’t request curfew.

CoP Patton says police didn’t request curfew.…Wn

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“Between 2002 and 2018 [AU] newspaper revenue fell from $4.4bn to $3.0bn… 92% was from the loss of classified…iC

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@googledownunder “Google doesn’t *use* news content…We sent more than 3 billion clicks & visits to AU news…xe

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John Murray was a good friend to Byron. He’d been a generous, patient, supportive publisher for more than a…gl

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99% of Victoria’s ‘second wave’ of COVID infections leading to crushing lockdown are due to leaks from bungled…Vz

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qingqingparis : Maybe this is the reason why @billbirtles and @MikeSmithAFR left Australian agents raid…uw

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Data property-rights assertions by any government seem fraught. Data ‘security’ sounds good; ‘sovereignty’ sounds…XP

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jeff_kennett We have been consistently mislead! Curfew not recommended by Chief Medical Officer. Premier says every decision…6E

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Rats in the ranks? In the bilge?…

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Camera electronics can eliminate image blur by compensating for vibration due to e.g. a shaky hand . In theory,…xq

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UN The pandemic is demonstrating what we all know: millennia of patriarchy have resulted in a…2d

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patrickdurkin Victoria’s @VictorianCHO says it wasn’t his advice to introduce a curfew!! When asked if he would have…jb

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@profjasonpotts A plausible case altho RH does not really explore impacts on labor mkts. Also, trade impacts are…3j

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Yes! UK deaths = single digits since mid-August; 2 on 6 Sept. Sutton & his modellers are misleading us; Andrews…Sr

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fbermingham But after China banned Aussie beef, barley, investigate wine dumping etc, its imports of Australian goods plunged…ak

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O horror! You may have missed the first four “Byron Bits” (short talks on Don Juan)
1. Where to start?
2. The…Yz

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Adam_Creighton “Under the best case scenario of a 20 per cent infection rate, about 50,000 people out of 5 million infected with…4S

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The 3 minor parties (Greens, Shooters and Prostitutes) in the Vic Leg Council who did a deal with Andrews to…o2

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Even from a government (Premier) whose agencies pursued & jailed an eminent cleric based on little more than…Mp

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Dr_Tad For a report by scientists, the Covid modelling report released by the Victorian government is disturbingly full…o4

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“An excellent side effect is that vaccine technology will never be the same after this – it’s going to be like…C1sI

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Here’s the Victorian police coming to interview someone suspected of advocating protest and, of course, to search h…

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“Victoria has the hallmarks of a police state: “a dystopian nightmare” (TheAus). Australia’s federation, too, has…sL

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@snlester Simon, this may help you prepare for your move to an anarchic community. Acc. to reviews the author…T2

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Amyloidosis was not reduced by long-term calorie restriction in very long-lived macaques nor was there evidence…K8

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The police have advised me that these police surveillance trailers with…Lp

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Victoria Police corruption linked to arrest of Ballarat mother. The warrant for her arrest was signed by a…Zs

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Adam_Creighton As Victorians brace for another 2 weeks lockdown (because “science” and yeah why not), behold Sweden. No second…Pn

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Yes, very interesting… but a ‘supercomputer’ was not necessary to find these connections to bradykinin, ACE2,…pa

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D_A_Irwin A young J M Keynes in 1903:

“I hate all priests and protectionists. Free trade and free thought! Down with…kU

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Snowden The ruling of the court demolishes the longest-held defenses of mass surveillance. After taking into account the…cs

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Samuel Butler believed a close reading showed that a 6th C BCE Sicilian noblewoman wrote the Odyssey. Byron was…PE

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9NewsMelb A pregnant woman has been charged with incitement after police raided her Ballarat home.

The 28-year-old live…vF

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It needs no (well-deserved) skepticism to see D Andrews’ only purpose for this ‘public holiday’ during his severe…sm

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In prep for his Sunday announcement, D Andrews should for a change consider the evidence. A detailed US study (…vV

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Adam_Creighton While the economy tanked 7%, household income actually ROSE 2.2% during the second quarter, suggesting we might…jV

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Byron Bits 7. A short talk on Byron’s Don Juan entitled “Sex and Instagram”. Don Juan is on the surface a boy’s…tn


Good analysis. A/D investigations are frequently used as threats. CHN wd. not be the first to do this. In…9U

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“Frydenberg recycles News Corp’s Google attack”. ACCC showed big-media complaints were nonsense. Google/FB will…M6

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TimWilsonMP We need to have the courage to tell the truth - There is a huge cost to unsustainable lockdowns and it…dp

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jkalbrechtsen Well said ⁦@TimWilsonMP⁩.…

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@USTradeRep @realDonaldTrump Such ‘voluntary restraint agreements’ (VRAs) are prohibited by WTO’s Safeguards…XV

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