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January 2021

@henrysgao @PaulBlustein @wto Interesting point, Henry. Shows the power of (revisionist) historians. Nero neither…Uf

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@SincDavidson This is appalling! India has already started to vaccinate with A-Z while indolent AU ministers &…QX

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Greedy AU legacy media want to be *paid* for receiving the benefit of inward links from Google! A craven,…2q

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@j_laurenceson The history of AU trade success suggests that displacement and diversification is key to our…2m

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What did the Romans ever do for us? “…Post-Roman Britain in fact sank to a level of economic complexity well…ij

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SincDavidson The ABC no longer has a purpose, except pleasing itself…

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RT @j_laurenceson: At what point do “national security” justifications to block

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Speculation about the 50/50 split in the US Senate: “The truth is that there is no place for Manchin in today’s…yT

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Should you stop using Twitter, Amazon, Google, Apple because they are censorious twerps (for they are)? Sure, if…0Y

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caseybmulligan “liberal support for the attempted destruction of Parler is based in utter ignorance…. I’d be very surprised if […E2

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@sarahbauerle It’s confounding: the only word from the bureaucrats at the border is an un-illuminating “no”. No…7C

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A while back it was farms and mining, then 5G equipment, now it’s office buildings… What next might those big,…ev

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Could there be a worse time for the Morrison’s govt’s secret investment plod to stomp on a proposal that would…qO

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AAF Revoking Section 230 protections, which provide a liability shield against suits over user-generated content,…BN

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@sarahbauerle Yes we’d all like to see detailed rationale for these key decisions. The stonewalling on “nat’l…EB

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“That liberty of speech is the liberty which secures all other liberties, and the abridgement of which would…RW

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A barbecue of derision for AU State government border stupidities. Warning: a possible incitement defiantly to…Om

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Excellent overview assessment of the Trump Admin. trade policy on CHN. Owns-goals, failures on all counts,…xj

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“Art 1. Incitement to insurrection” Then there’s this: “Do Trump’s statements really appear to be more of an “…h6

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Mein Kampf is still available on Amazon Kindle; also huge volumes of music by that well-known anti-semite and…Os

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Now I can hardly wait for Hallmark to tell me what I can write on their cards and for the Vatican to tell me what books I can read.

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RT @clairlemon: This is 100% BS.

Facebook has been used to foment unrest in countries all over the world, including the US during its rece…

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@radleybalko @snlester “Strategising”? Hardly. This is the same sort of idiotic bloviation you find on Twitter.…Vs

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Twitter, Apple & Amazon are destroying public trust by attempting to shut down a rambunctious but *comparatively*…rl

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LukePatey Excellent article on how China’s economic coercion on Australia has often been short-lived & partial on…DC

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nfergus But they have not persuaded me that we have not unwittingly stumbled into a dystopia, in which a few juvenile…0w

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@caseybmulligan @parler_app Apple (FB, too) wants S230 protections for itself but not for its suppliers. More…IH

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caseybmulligan By all accounts the Jan 6 violence and lawbreaking was organized using Facebook groups. So Apple has (as of 2…gI

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“Trump Erases His Legacy.” The good will be interred with his bones, but……

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Is this reassuring? What does “mid to late February” mean? ANOTHER 5-6 WEEKS!! 40 DAYS!! Where the hell IS the…2s

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“This political and bureaucratic control [including $7bn in ‘renewable energy’ subsidies last year] has driven us…Xd

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Where the hell is the vaccine? 15 countries are already vaccinating. Australians are locked-down and locked-up,…DC

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matthewlesh This is VERY disappointing from from ScoMo. Not only getting his facts wrong and insulting a key friend and alley,…a8

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Might viral ‘amplification’ research at the CHN Wuhan bio-lab have created COVID-19? Yes! With substantial help…YZ

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TimSmithMP 1.Details of exposure sites constantly wrong.

2. Massive queues for tests.

3. Victorians locked out of their…0W

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FinancialReview The Morrison government must release the independent report on the watches ‘scandal’ to repair the damage to…SY

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SincDavidson Oh Bullshit. He could take the States to court and enforce the Federal Constitution. Alternatively he could…o2

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GrayConnolly The voice of Canberra slovenliness. Either every other first world country is taking grave risks with their…2U

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@CoppetainPU I agree these farm subsidies mock the US liberal trade leadership of 20 yrs ago. Still, I don’t…ZC

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ammons20686747 @michaelobrienmp No one is saying roll it out before proper TGA approval. We are saying we cannot understand why…tv

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Appalling delay by Morrison.’s health bureaucrats: yet another 2 months (March 2021!) buggering around on a…kv

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kevin2kelly My belief is that the relationship between US and China is the largest uncertainty in the coming decade. The…fN

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