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RT @j_laurenceson: 72% of Australians think it is possible to have a good relationship with both

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jkalbrechtsen A friend of mine was knocked back first time for exemption to travel to UK for his Mum’s funeral on Friday. He’s…S7

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SincDavidson Its called hypocrisy @ScottMorrisonMP…

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pwafork The woman who banned an Anzac Day flyover because social distancing and kept a vaccinated couple from their…94

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Kenneth Kaunda is dead. A giant of the African liberation era; by no means its worst. An autocrat who finally…lI

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Paper of No Record: in the NYT today, stories on whether Subway tuna sandwiches contain actual tuna & on a…CI

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ATabarrok Excellent @MoneyIllusion post on Friedman. Friedman made four claims at the height of Keynesian dominance and “in…kc

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clairlemon Victoria has more public servants—per capita—than any other Australian state & yet it has had the most…o6

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Here’s a thought: why not mislead & imprison all Australians, shut down economies and businesses, drive the…KV

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@MelMitchell1 Meh! Nothing new here ;-) Property agents — plausibly human — have been doing this forever.

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alan_john_moran The western world’s elites conspire to outlaw cheap energy, ostensibly because they have bought the myth on ‘…pO

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Kenneth72712993 New study:

Europe’s March-May 2020 lockdowns led to a 2.3 W/m² radiative forcing (RF) INCREASE (warming).…6d

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shipwreckedcrew Trump shouldn’t know, the subpoenas were issued before Barr became AG, and Sessions was recused on all matters…io

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Here’s a superb review of Gibbons’” Decline & Fall” by Alvaro de Menard where he suggests G.’s mechanism of the…ss

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Similar monsters: “[L]eft-wing authoritarians were lower in dogmatism & cognitive rigidity, higher in negative…Ef

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RT @GregDore2: Even in setting of very high community transmission, outdoor

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The Vic govt hit electric vehicles with a 2.5c/km tax on ‘equity’ grounds b/c they don’t use highly-taxed petrol.…o3

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_davidlimbrick It was awful what happened to @annikasmethurst two years ago. In Victoria last Friday, independent journalists…kk

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@insteconomics Cartel cheating! Surprise, surprise!

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SamKSS This headline and image says it all.
Victorians *caught fleeing* to Queensland
Where are we?
North Korea?

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RT @Adam_Creighton: Sane man stuns sanctimonious health fascists with reasonable arguments in public forum

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Wow! Two US labs have 3-D printed viable human liver tissue in a breakthrough — wining an NASA-sponsored prize (…d35

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“It is hard to conceive of a package more inimical to the “strong, sustainable, global recovery” that the finance…mh

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