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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / March 2014

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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March 2014

Hey Warren, you forgot me! “On the other side you’ve got Tim Wilson, you’ve got the Prime Minister, Attorney-General…”

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“There is one rule for the Americans, one for the Asians. It is the wrong signal” (on FDI)::

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FTA math: In proposed AU-JPN FTA ‘free’ = 19 percent (beef duties). ‘Free’= 0 (beef) in AUSFTA (2004) only in 2023 ::

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Japan digs-in on beef, dairy in AU-JPN FTA. Why this bellwether for #TPP? To make sure the US doesn’t get in first?

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CISOZ Don’t blame foreigners for rising house prices - Shoddy tax laws, not Chinese investors, are driving up the prices…

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Quis custodies custoidet, custodietur (et cetera…)

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ypldn @byronico Oh, I’ve been meaning to send you this picture for ages now! Look who I spied roaming ?

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No panel composed in 18 months. This case is phony. RT @WorldTradeLaw: Australia - Plain Packaging - Panel

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kw_watson EU drops tariffs on imports from Ukraine US should follow suit:

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WorldBank The private sector is now the source of 90% of creation in developing countries:

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Georges Perec is the nonpareil of metaphor::

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How we made a ‘Qantas of the Internet’ (No, worse! It doesn’t fly). A brief, accurate retelling of the NBN disaster::

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“What comes next is the 19th century”. In trade, too? Given their scale, would #TPP + #TPIP reset the bar of MFN? ::

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Most FTA gains (so far) due to own-liberalization. Do huge CHN gains hang on finding partners with reciprocal scale?:

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@byronico Watched just once. Seemed like a “Who Magazine” parody of Fellini. Pretty, trivial & clichéd (monuments at dawn!)

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@dikenson gives 8 persuasive reasons to drop ISDS from FTAs::

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Abbott making a mess of this. Tying QF equity up in obscure ‘national-interest’ conditions just cuts the price::

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Armies are for defence; ideological battles for demagogues. 40 Australians died in Afghanistan for no security gain::

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