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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / May 2020

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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May 2020

mattwridley What about the controversial claim that the virus may have originated in a laboratory?

Some thoughts:…

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An album of images of Temple Art from a voyage along the Nile, nine years ago:
” Let not a monument give you or…Uh


@snlester @BangkokPostNews The cable carries sunshine in one direction & bitcoin in the other.

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EdwardTufte A+
How to Draw the Coronavirus.
A really really good account of illustrators at work, with many examples.…PG

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@Adam_Creighton Perhaps your first instinct was right. Looks like confusion on the part of punters (government…5x

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profjasonpotts Yes. covid19 has not killed globalisation at all, but opened up a whole new frontier in labour markets through…0Q

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@alanbeattie Only fools put their trust in Princes of any stripe, I agree. But wasn’t the point of Brexit that…BF

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Dierdre McCloskey on the risk that statism will outlive the lockups: “The disease is for 2020. The fascism is…tQ

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The definition of wow: “Discontinuous Progress in History”: an examination of (mostly technological) innovations…0Y

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Adam_Creighton There Is No Evidence Lockdowns Saved Lives. It Is Indisputable They Caused Great Harm.
A good short read by a US…Pw

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“Government policy isn’t mattering as much as we think…[to control of COVID19 cases/deaths]”…

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trussliz Today we are announcing the new UK Global Tariff that will come into force on 1 January 2021. It will mean:

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@snlester I know you do. But it’s sad: this is one more step on the road to irrelevance. In a (UN) membership org,…ke

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@snlester How about arranging them by height? Or weight? Is it time for a person ‘du poids’? What about…pj

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Alas, a precisely timed reminder of why USA will lose influence (not just in WHO) & CHN gain or stand its ground….

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“If the U.S. doesn’t want a Chinese-led international order, it needs to do a better job of fighting for its own…06

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SincDavidson Lord Sumption on COVID-19 and the State…

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@snlester This is a very European view (as if ‘bloc’ balance matters!). The Org must be run by the Members with…uf

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“If grave wrongs, such as that inflicted on Cardinal Pell, are quietly allowed to fade into the past, it is…aX

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Melbchief Economist Bob Officer says that within the public sector, where no one has lost their job as a result of the…Rg

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@chip_roh @sdonnan For you believe that a Democrat administration would make big changes in e.g. CHN policies?…jm

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A big benefit of the multilateral system is that it frees foreign policy to focus on more strategic issues. Trade…06

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CISOZ Australia’s idiosynchratic and highly prescriptive system for regulating workplaces, impedes firm adjustment and…uH

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@snlester Have to disagree. It’s never ‘refreshing’ to see hundreds of (mostly) family businesses whose main…9J

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pwafork Now they tell us: “It has become clear that a hard lockdown does not protect old and frail people living in care…Dd

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PerBylund Lord Sumption: The Lockdown Is Without Doubt the Greatest Interference with Personal Liberty in Our…L2

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“The most common symptoms are not fever, cough, headache and respiratory symptoms; they are no symptoms at all……s0

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@TimWilsonMP “[Victorians] are increasingly concerned that he’s probably enjoying the clampdown too much in terms…d3

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mattwridley “Social media was awash with lockdown-loving leftists and millennial media types, at home making their sourdough…4s

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@edscriptor Sounds interesting. But the video does not seem to open?

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Palermo — Architecture, Opera and grunge: an album of photos. Also prickly pear!…


The AU govt’s Great Repression puts business on the dole. “Three in five businesses had registered or intended to…ia

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alan_john_moran Gary Banks advocacy of taking wage setting functions off the “Fair Work Commission” is vital. Australia is unique…s0

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