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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / November 2020

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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November 2020

JDMayger A tweet from Chinese spokesman Zhao Lijian @zlj517 is in the news today. He has a history of being controversial…zp

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Trade sanctions (CHN duties & clearance delays) are not essentially about trade. They almost never work but GATT/…Nh

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@TimHarcourt @j_b_curran Indeed we worked for it. I visited Beijing in 1987 (as Asst/Sec in the AU ForAff&Trade…wg

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In vino vetustas. “[W]e found statistically significant positive associations between baseline alcohol intake and…sh

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@DeirdreMcClosk “The time is overdue, then, to… examine the wider case nowadays that left and right are making…MG

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ATabarrok Your daily reminder that 10,900 people have died from COVID in the United States since Pfizer applied for an EUA…WJ

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@j_laurenceson Very likely. A/D determinations hurt consumers most, not exporters. One reason: there are fewer…uu

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Can’t tell if the selection is ‘random’ (although the unwariness suggests so) but they’re each thoughtful…lm

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…Oops.. ‘sinecure’…

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Struggling to believe this: Morrison ‘fires’ the CEO of a crucial agency, AusPost, over 12k incentives but lines…Zm

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j_b_curran From my column in tomorrow’s AFR on the Morrison/Suga meeting in Tokyo. “Make no mistake. This agreement is a big…SV

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“Google Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours”. Perhaps obvious when you think about it. But sobering,…b7

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Brilliant: “2. Distinguished by qualities which excite admiration; splendid; shining; as, brilliant talents. Syn. –…bf9a

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Websters’ 1913 on your Mac the easy way. A brilliant dictionary ( beautifully formatted.…mC

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“The Machinery of Life” by David Goodsell. Beautiful illustrations and (apparently) clear explanations of the…sx

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I think Hofstadter has long been right to put analogizing at the core of natural language & ‘intelligence’. But it’…9r

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“Imagine a flashy spaceship lands in your backyard. The door opens and you are invited to investigate everything…M5

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RNA vaccine mechanism? “As an example, if only 0.02% of a typical eukaryotic cell’s surface has a receptor for p,…17

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Kenneth72712993 New Randomized Controlled Trial on mask use effectiveness in preventing COVID infection:

Infection rate:
2.0% of…LP

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Large (~5500) randomised control trial in DK shows no conclusive evidence that masks inhibit COVID-19 transmission,…In

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LouiseStaley VIC unemployment numbers courtesy of Daniel Andrews.
8.8% women unemployed: highest this century
146,500 women…PJ

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This speculation in WAPO that a Biden Admin will use trade sanctions to “punish” AU over fossil fuel policies…ew

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Adam_Creighton “Interesting how much bureaucracy, provision of recourse rights and natural justice attaches to most…Zb

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Adam_Creighton Just when you thought you’d had enough scary and ridiculous predictions for one year, along comes Deloitte Access…40

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RT @insteconomics: The 26th Global Trade Alert report finds Australia and Mexico have inflicted the lowest
number of negative spillovers on…

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@AlecStapp @ATabarrok Please, Amazon, liberate AU from the Pharmacy Guild that holds us hostage

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bach_mp Breaking - Contact Tracing Inquiry

Chief Scientist says Vic’s antiquated paper-based system, which remained in…vk

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RT @insteconomics: I make the broader case for a scaled-up system of managed isolation and quarantine in my new report for @USSC https://t….

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(OMG!) Don’t Panic! Due to the accelerated rotation of the earth, we’ve entered a rare ‘Leap Second Hiatus’! For…H9

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pwafork Wouldn’t it be amazing if this country had some level of government, maybe with someone of authority at the head…l5

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SteveStuWill Does reducing child mortality result in overpopulation? No. When child mortality falls, people start having fewer…op

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@henrysgao @snlester 1. Maybe. 2. Doubt it. You’d have to show a determinative marg of preference. Trade…HL

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Agree. Despite (?) the title, a serious, wide-ranging review of the roots of technological stagnation.…

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2/ … one of WS Gilbert’s finest verses, about acts dangerous to the career of an attorney (is there such a thing?)…hjA1

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Nihil nisi bonum: good to learn that Pennsylvania still has a Court of Common Pleas (…)…rZ

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JDMayger Australia’s Ambassador to China Fletcher also said “it is likewise important that countries live up to their WTO…9c

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KennedyCSIS RCEP will be signed on Sunday, with a seat kept available for India. The US will then be on the outside looking…Q9

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KennedyCSIS In China’s 13th 5-Yr Plan (2016-20), China has already met 24 of 33 targets, and is on pace to achieve 7 others,…mY

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alan_john_moran NSW unveils renewables backed ‘energy superpower’ vision. NSW govt says it will get prices of $50 a megawatt-hour,…L2

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Remember these things? This is my Yellow Fever inoculation certificate for work in W Africa. What’s the bet they’…jT

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Heres’ a way to cut AU-CHN trade tensions that will be welcomed both by CHN & by all AU consumers incl most AU…K3

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“I’m a Libertarian voter and I’m happy with the outcome. How could any libertarian not be happy with Trump out of…Q1

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ScottMorrisonMP Congratulations to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris - Australia wishes you every success in office. The Australia-US…L0

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@davidasinclair Still waiting to see trialled evidence of the benefits of NAD+ supplementation in healthy (human)…aD

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RT @WhatsApp: Starting today, people across India will be able to send money through WhatsApp

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SincDavidson American friends - now you understand the attraction of test cricket. Games goes for days and could end in a draw.

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@clairlemon The ‘father’ of PAK, Md. Jinnah (the portrait behind Imran), scorned this evil nonsense. “We must…QL

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@ATabarrok A good analogy? Surely the bfr is the proportion of deaths among people who CAUGHT a bullet (due to the bullet).

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@alan_john_moran On a cheerier note, a (barely) Repub. Senate might safeguard boring…

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ReutersUK UK hopes for Australia trade deal ‘within months’ - trade minister

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Arnold Kling has an interesting idea on the origins of “millenarianism” that suggests such cults should be…dE

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@Adam_Creighton 1355 staff in ASIC — who have done what for you lately? — each get bonuses averaging 1.4 “Cartier…9lyq

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Vale, Des Moore… An (irascible) voice of rationality in AU government as we fumbled with greater for. policy…kqtr

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BangXiao_ Former China ambassador Geoff Raby calls on the Federal Government to rethink its relationship with Beijing amid…ao

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alan_john_moran Huge cost to find Holgate successor. Morrison ambushed by Senator Kimberly Kitchen and, in demonstrating his…5d

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JamesFallows You think 2020 is all bad?…

h/t Bill McHugh

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@SincDavidson “Christine Holgate should have been given a medal.” I agree. Morrison’s ‘tall poppy’ attack was…KU

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Soon-to-be-tested assertions. “Overall, economics by itself suggests that the widely cited polls are exaggerating…uP

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P Credlin’s main criticism is levelled at the Coate inquiry into Vic govt decisions that led to 800 possibly…0o

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