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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / December 2020

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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December 2020

GideonCRozner The year is 2021. Kissing is illegal. Social interaction of any kind is subject to state permission. Daily…qy

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@ZackTheStone @TimSmithMP @AlexanderDowner Maybe. The opportunity for a deeper FTA with UK could (more than) offset…

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@TimSmithMP @AlexanderDowner Downer’s brief is the right way to look at the Brexit result. Still, it looks like…OS

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Eden and Ithaca (‘Compare & Contrast’… you know the drill).…


“Toby Belch” (for it is he), now virtuous, proposes to ban cakes and ale. Still, I suspect the (slimmer, upper-)…f4

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“Toby Belch” (for it is he), now virtuous, proposes to ban cakes and ale. Still, I suspect the (slimmer, upper-)…gJ

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Not my fav medium (low information-investment ratio) but a wonderful, liberating invention by…rF

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“Most economists expect the U.K.’s economy to be significantly more dented by Brexit than the EU’s” Hah! When did…kZ

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MrHarryCole DEAL! Britain on brink of inking historic zero tariff, zero quota trade deal with Brussels - ending years of…va

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BeschlossDC On Apollo 8 were first astronauts to photograph whole earth, this week 1968:

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Call no man happy before his death. “No matter what, you must always look to the end, look to how it will turn…vO

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MachinePix Rotary screen printing.

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AusTaxpayers This has to be one of the worst investments in Australian History.

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This abominable “code” is only the latest iteration of AU govts’ interminable, self-interested, ineffective…TK

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GemmaTognini Gladys has shamed every other fear mongering, paddling, amateur Premier with her courageous leadership & her…ct

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alan_john_moran Doug Anthony, a real gentleman who was keen to deliver better outcomes for his country. The first Australian…yw

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The most interesting advance in consumer IT of 2020 may be the outperformance of the new Apple M1 chip that…jA

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Detailed historical review of 4 decades of anti-competitive, anti-innovative interference chiefly by the USA (but…Xc

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acri_uts BRIEF | ‘The economic and emissions impacts of trade disruptions between Australia and the PRC’

Dr Xunpeng Shi,…cP

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“Restoring and then exceeding pre-pandemic levels of NOM will be essential to economic recovery.” Excellent paper.

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@Adam_Creighton Oh dear! Time-worn bollocks! “Let’s put rocks in our OWN harbours. That’ll teach them not to block our trade!”

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@KennedyCSIS Happy to see some suggestions. What CHN wants is to express its superior power & irritation. What AU…jg

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greg_ip Important story by @Lingling_Wei on how Xi Jinping is asserting greater party control over China’s private sector…o9

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caseybmulligan To the great benefit of consumers google was kicked out of the FCC in 2017. Might be fun to do again in 4 years…

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Fantastic post on an historic result in biology (and ML). Hard to follow in some parts but clarifies much even…2v

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A brief dispassionate review of the data (small differences in the means of large numbers) displayed in ‘global…wE

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The exec in charge of Apple’s “Siri” will now also take charge of Apple’s self-driving car project. What could…3E

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A momentous day in the history the Pacific that in some ways marks the beginning of AU’s nationhood. The…om

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“It was more of a lack of resources than a lack of stomach. Mr. Trump came to office without a set of acolytes…ov

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@mfullilove “Say less” for sure. But “do more”? Only if it contributes to sustaining the happy & productive…xh

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“In truth, Australia could concede the whole 14 and still find ­itself facing further lists of wrongdoing. It is…lI

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@davidfickling “As Adam Smith once pointed out, our economic fortunes don’t depend on our partners’ benevolence,…MF

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RT @insteconomics: The DHL Global Connectedness Index has Australia ranked 34th most connected country, while the US is ranked 37th, showin…

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A 74-year-old man who had memorised the whole (10,500 lines) of “Paradise Lost”. In case you have a similar…E5

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cnni The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 Tuesday to ban smoking tobacco in apartments, but made an…eW

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1 of these things is not like the other. “[DeepMind’s] goal is to develop programs capable of… human-like…rQ

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caseybmulligan “over 2012-2016, automakers paid an average of $86 for each vehicle whose lifetime CO2 emissions exceeded the…8C

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@j_laurenceson @SCMPNews The Gyngell claim is just policy ‘theorism’. AU trading biz. worries not about allies or ‘…dG

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