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Tweets by @madbaddangerous / February 2021

MadBadDangerous (@madbaddangerous)

Melbourne, Australia

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February 2021

canberratimes OPINION: Was the government’s fight with Facebook worth having? The bargaining code really amounts to little more…Af

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RT @benthompson: Years of rebuilding their reputation only to set it aflame for…Bing?

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“Web inventor [@timberners_lee ] says Australian law could make internet ‘unworkable’” Precisely. @ScottMorrisonMP’…oF

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RT @SincDavidson: Didn’t take long to read @australian today. Apparently @Facebook are evil for not…0J

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SincDavidson In Australia, Facebook’s ban on sharing news stories has sent publishers’ traffic tumbling via @NiemanLab

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Surprise, surprise! “Publishers need Facebook more than Facebook needs them (@SincDavidson)” @ScottMorrisonMP’s…kl

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SincDavidson Australian government shake down called out by Facebook.…

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“Shantybot” A bot that writes sea shanties.

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davidwdowdy 10. Take a(n overly) simple example. Assume 60% of a population has zero respiratory contacts, while the other…XD

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Morrison government’s bullying cripples media competition. Pollies in thrall to needy-greedy old media are…ro

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UK aerial reconnaissance photography with 125mm film, 1941 (censored report?)::…

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From the Journal of the Royal Photographic Soc. (Mar 1941). A shot of St. Paul’s cathedral by the ‘available light’…0j

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CatoTrade .@dikenson: “It is more likely the trade and economic relationship cannot sustain a long, drawn-out technological…xD

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Just to be clear, the AU old-media are still more desperate to find some means of financing their uncompetitive…ot

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Martin Gurri: “Rather than news, the [NYT] began to sell what was, in effect, a creed, an agenda, to a…z2

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“Let’s Not Dumb Down the History of Computer Science” Donald Knuth, an encylopedist of techne, laments the…ch

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